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We designed these 30 buttons for use at my school library’s book drive. Feel free to use any you wish!


We designed these 30 buttons for use at my school library’s book drive. Feel free to use any you wish!


We designed these 30 buttons for use at my school library’s book drive. Feel free to use any you wish!



Or it could be Thea

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Our takeaway from this episode: Felicity’s backstory!

Laurel with Oliver’s bow?? I’m fucking done

she CANNOT have the strength to pull that thing

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A Trini Bear Part 2: A Day at the Library

I have been asked to inform you that Mister Bearcy has nothing to do with the titles of these posts. 

Now that that little disclaimer is up, have some more pictures!

Mister Bearcy came to work with me the day after his arrival. On the way there, he met a friend of mine, who was only too happy to suggest some places that we could visit. He insisted that Mister Bearcy try some local foods- and I agreed. Mister Bearcy seemed okay with the idea. At first.

Anyway, here he is in the taxi on the way to work (that’s my friend in the front seat).

When we got to work, I’m afraid he was a bit confused. You see, I had told him that I worked at a library. What I failed to mention was that it was a school library… and that school was on vacation. So it was just me, him, and my co-worker- who was rather surprised to have a bear visiting us. He assured her that he was no ordinary bear- he was a world traveller. That statement caught someone’s interest, though.

I was a rather neglectful host, I’m afraid. I had forgotten to warn him that someone else was staying with us. But he took meeting her in stride- despite the hiccup when she introduced herself as Eliza Bunnet.

She was most informative about the local culture, however. While I worked, the two of them chatted away on the couch about local Easter celebrations, Carnival- she even warned him about some of the food I was going to get him to try (chicken foot souse is NOT that bad, Mister Bearcy!)

Eliza even persuaded some of the others to come out of hiding and say hello! They were only too happy to talk about their dress, their history, their music. I just hope they didn’t overload the poor bear’s head!

I am told they did not. He enjoyed learning about so many different cultures, mostly without having to leave the soft, air-conditioned comfort of the library’s couch. Mostly, because the steelpan players are a bit wary of bears- I had to bring him to them, and supervise their little chat.

He was slightly alarmed as I prepared our Easter display, as this poster mentioned the local tradition of beating a stuffed figure on Good Friday, called a “Bobolee”. I assured him no one would come after him with a stick.

The day before, at the end of our bookstore trip, I promised him a book to enjoy over the weekend, since other commitments meant I wouldn’t be able to take him out much. So I was rather gratified when he expressed an interest in this (after, of course, some commentary on the mess that is my desk).

Which of course led to this. He claims to have read it before, but I have my doubts.

But, it was time to call it a day (or rather, a weekend!) I decided to take a maxi taxi home. Mister Bearcy was confused until I told him these were simply small buses, seating about 12 people each, and color-coded according to the area of the country they work. 

But before heading home, we did make one short stop.

So that when we got home, Mister Bearcy could try one. Can’t come to Trinidad without trying doubles!

Delicious. I’m sure Mister Bearcy would agree… is his didn’t have just a wee bit too much pepper.

Final update coming soon!

A Trini Bear Part 1: Visited by a bear!

Mister Bearcy has been visiting me over the past week! The following are some of the photos we’ve taken: some starring him, of course, but sometimes the crowds were just too much for him- although he does claim to be getting a bit more comfortable with it.

My first stop with him was actually just to get some shopping done for home, and we came across these gaily decorated chicks at the front of a poultry store, just waiting for someone to buy them for Easter. I was rather bemused, while Mister Bearcy was concerned for the health of the chicks. I assured him it was simply food dye and perfectly safe, especially since the chicks would shed the coloured feathers soon enough, but I don’t think he accepted that. 

After the shopping was over, we took in some of the sights around the capital city, Port of Spain. Like the shot below of Woodford Square- a space still referred to as the University of Woodford Square because of the debates and discussions that are a common feature here. I asked Mister Bearcy if he would like to come out and talk to people here, but he took one look around, saw the pigeons that are basically a fixture, and decided to stay put.

He was much happier when I showed him the National Library building, which we did visit eventually. The poor bear was mistaken at first, though- he thought that the little grey and pink building was the library. I had to explain that it was actually an old Fire House that is now used for conferences and events- the Library is actually the huge white building behind it.

 Afterwards, we popped into one of my favourite little bookstores. I took him to the classical literature section, as requested, but I do not think he was impressed by several of the titles. The one at the bottom left seemed to especially strike a nerve.

The Young Adult fiction collection wasn’t much better- or so he claimed. I swear I caught him eyeing at least two titles here. The poor bear left without getting a book, though, so I promised him one the next day when I took him to work with me.

Another day of photos are coming soon!

How are you even doing that? I’m not really here. [x]

Crying right now, actually

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