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Sanditon: Businesses and Essentials

So after getting over the fact that we actually get to populate the town in which Gigi Darcy and Pemberley Digital are launching their newest initiative, I started thinking of all the possible businesses/ necessities. I came across this list of some essentials for every town, and… well.

Now I’m creating a bookstore with a rooftop cafe. It’s just called Emma’s, and is run by Emmaline Woodhouse (no, sorry, couldn’t help myself)


So enjoy this list of Autenite names for other locales: 

  • Nature Parks/ Resorts/ etc: Wuthering Heights
  • Inns: Crown Inn, The Abbey
  • General location/house names: Manderley, Wickstead, Kellynch, Rosings, Hartfield, Norland, Sotherton, Mansfield (Park), Donwell (Abbey)
  • Remember, you can use character names for stores, businesses, etc.
  • Orchard/ etc.: Maple Grove

Also, we Sanditonians can REALLY use some guys around. #hinthint

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